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Photo Contest

The Amateur Photography Contest helped raise awareness about
conservation while expanding our collection of photos.
The competition was open to all non-professional photographers.  Photographers were divided into two divisions --adult (18 years or older) and youth (17 years and younger), so all ages of photographers were welcome. A $25 prize was awarded for each first place entry in each category per division.  Photos must have been taken within the boundaries of Muskingum County and was judged based on relevance to conservation, creativity, photographic quality and impact.

5th Annual Photo Contest - 2011
Little Future Farmers
It's My Conservation District
African Spur Thigh Tortoise, By Denise Eminhizer
African Spur Thigh Tortoise
By Denise Eminhizer
Future Farmers of Muskingum County, By Pat Wheeler
Future Farmers of Muskingum County
By Pat Wheeler
4th Annual Photo Contest - 2010
Beautiful Backyards
The Beauty of Wildlife
Early Bird Gets the Fish, By Phillip S. Bohn
Early Bird Gets the Fish
By Phillip S. Bohn
Butterflies on Flower, By Brittany Van Fossen
Butterflies on Flower
By Brittany Van Fossen
Newborn Fawn, By Chriss Miller
Newborn Fawn
By Chriss Miller
Frog on a Toadstool, By Meghan Anderson
Frog on a Toadstool
By Meghan Anderson
3rd Annual Photo Contest - 2009
Snowy Lane, By Kaylie Hambrick
Snowy Lane
By Kaylie Hambrick
Up Close and Misty, By Kaylie Hambrick
Up Close and Misty
By Kaylie Hambrick
Black-eyed Susan, By Janice Walsh
Black-eyed Susan
By Janice Walsh
Friendly Hills Grange Camp Stream, By Michelle Illing
Friendly Hills Grange Camp Stream
By Michelle Illing
Bailing Hay, By Pat Wheeler
Bailing Hay
By Pat Wheeler
2nd Annual Photo Contest - 2008
Landscape/Conservation Practices
Children Interacting with Nature
Beech Tree with Changing Foliage, By Neil Wilhelm
Beech Tree
By Neil Wilhelm
Stawberries, By Misty Eveland
By Misty Eveland
Child Picking Dandelions, By Tom Ruggles
Child Picking Dandelions
By Tom Ruggles
Sunrise through the Trees, By Larry Daniels Jr.
Sunrise through Trees
By Larry Daniels Jr.
Frozen in Time, By Kaylie M. Hambrick
Frozen in Time
By Kaylie M. Hambrick
Striking Sunset, By Angela Warne
Striking Sunset
By Angela Warne
1st Annual Photo Contest - 2007
Muskingum County Landscapes
Daybreak at the Pond, By Patty McNutt
Daybreak at the Pond
By Patty McNutt
Sunset on Goldenrod, By Julie Keirle
Sunset on Goldenrod
By Julie Keirle
Fishing in a Tunnel, By Stacie Rutherford
Fishing in a Tunnel
By Stacie Rutherford
Toad on a Tulip, By Alex Sherman
Toad on a Tulip
By Alex Sherman
Spider Web on Bean, By Henry McConoha
Spider Web on Bean
By Henry McConoha
Alice in Wonderland, By Billy Kirsch
Alice in Wonderland
By Billy Kirsch