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Urban Resources Program

The neighbor is dumping storm water onto my property. I didn't have any problems until that was built next door. Who can help me prevent topsoil erosion on my new home site? Is the wet spot in my yard a failed leach field or a wet-weather spring? If you are a rural or city-dwelling landowner, with these or other soil and water related issues, the Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District may be able to help you. Applying time-tested conservation practices, the District can assist you in conserving our precious soil and water resources.

The Urban Resources Program assists urban and nonagricultual rural landowners to resolve storm water management and erosion control issues. Assistance ranges from surface water drainage to subsurface drains to home site erosion management.

The District can provide information or an on-site consultation at no charge to the landowner regarding:

  • Dry Hydrants

  • Erosion Control Issues

  • Prospective Home Site Evaluation

  • Soils Information

  • Surface & Subsurface Drainage

  • Storm Water Management