More places to donate unwanted ''stuff''.

If you read my December article, you might remember I gave some options on what to do with all your outdated “stuff” when you got new items for Christmas.

The day the article ran, I received a phone call from fellow article contributor Dorothy Montgomery. While she noted she enjoyed the article, she pointed out that I had forgot to mention the Habitat for Humanity ReStore site that we now have in our community. I certainly didn’t mean to leave them off my list of suggestions, which was in no way meant to be an all-inclusive list. I did some more research on places to take “stuff,” so below are a couple of more places to consider.

The Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio ReStore accepts donations of new and used building materials from companies and individuals. From their Facebook page, it looks like they accept and sell everything from lightbulbs to bath tubs. The store sells these items at discounted prices, and the revenue is used to build new Habitat homes in southeastern Ohio.

Of course, this also reduces landfill waste. So whether you are looking to donate some unused kitchen cabinets, or looking to buy some new light fixtures, consider checking out the Restore at 100 Sunrise Center Drive. They also advertise their current deals on their Facebook page and there is a complete list of items accepted and the store hours on their website.

I also hadn’t included the Heartbeats Family Center in my initial article. When my kids were little, I often donated clothing and small toys to the center instead of trying to sell them at a yard sale. It was just easier to donate them and get them out of the house. The Heartbeat Boutique takes gently used and new blankets, sheets, towels, small toys and books, and clothes from size newborn to 3T. They are located at 216 Hazlett Court, second Floor. Check their website for a complete list of accepted items and their hours.

There are also many churches that accept donations of furniture and housewares, so check with the churches in your neighborhood before hauling a still-useful piece of furniture to the curb. Some churches operate clothing and/or food banks, so consider donating there as well.

After the holiday decorations are packed away for another year, and we are all stuck inside because it’s winter in Ohio, I want to start clearing out stuff. My urge to de-clutter and make space is usually gone by spring, when there are more enticing things to do outside.

So if you just want to get rid of some things that still have life left in them, consider one of the above organizations for your donation. And if I have forgotten any other organizations, know that I didn’t mean to and drop me an email or call to let me know.

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