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We need your help identifying those in our community who are practicing resource conservation in some way! Each year the MSWCD likes to recognize those in our county who are contributing to the betterment of the environment. Examples include a farmer you purchase produce from at the Farmers’ Market; a business that has installed energy-saving lighting through-out its site; a neighbor who has established a garden of native plants for pollinators; a group that has started a community garden; or a teacher who is passionate about the environment and passes that on to his/her students. Please consider nominating a deserving individual, group, or business for one of the award categories listed below. A simple nomination form is on the reverse side; please complete as much of it as possible and be sure to give us a brief explanation as to why you are submitting this nominee. Submit the form to the MSWCD by Monday, July 29, 2024. Forms can be mailed to MSWCD, 225 Underwood Street, Ste. 100, Zanesville, Ohio 43701 or scanned/emailed to

  1. Resource Conservation Award, Agricultural Division—Nominee must actively be engaged in farming (own, operate, or both). They must be actively working with the MSWCD. The farm must be located in Muskingum County. They must have demonstrated conservation practices within the last five years. The winner will receive a “Cooperator for the Year” sign, monogramed shirts or engraved tumblers, etc. (to be determined annually by the staff), and two complimentary banquet tickets. The winner will then be nominated for the Ohio Conservation Family Farm Award the following year.
  2. Resource Conservation Award, Non-Agricultural—The site/project or business must be located within Muskingum County and demonstrate resource conservation. It must have a pleasing appearance, demonstrate community benefits and have an educational value. The winner will receive a plaque and two complimentary banquet tickets.
  3. Backyard Conservationist—The nominee will need to fill out a form about their backyard and provide pictures for the awards committee to review. Awards are based on the benefit of the small-scale practices installed, not just on appearance. The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to a local garden center (Timber Run, McDonald’s, etc.), a framed certificate and two complimentary banquet tickets.
  4. Conservation Educator of the Year—Let us know about the nominee, the nominee’s knowledge of conservation concepts, how the nominee promotes conservation beyond the job requirements, the use of creativity in teaching conservation, and/or how the nominee’s students have applied their knowledge. The winner will receive a plaque to be displayed at the school, a gift card for educational materials, and two complimentary banquet tickets.
  5. Special Educational Outreach Award—The nominee is in some way helping to educate the general public about conservation and/or agriculture or, as a business, is following good conservation measures (for example, by installing solar panels). Nominees are individuals, organizations, groups or businesses that don’t fit into one of the categories above (1-4). The winners receive a plaque and two complimentary banquet tickets.
  6. Friends of Conservation Award—This award was created to recognize those businesses, organizations, groups and/or individuals that contribute to the fulfillment of the MSWCD mission in some way. That could include hosting an event for free, donating funds or supplies for projects, or volunteering for a project. The winners receive a plaque and two complimentary banquet tickets.

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