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Do you know where your food comes from? Have you ever thought about the process from, farm to table? Do you want to make better, healthier, fresher choices? Have you thought about starting your own garden? Thinking about canning, but have no idea where to start? What about having chickens in your backyard?
These are all things we are going to talk about in our newest program, Back to Basics. We are going to provide you with the information and instructions to do all of these things and more.
Back to Basics will be a series of 30 minute episodes providing you with information, instructional videos, interviews, and so much more to help you make better decisions in your food choices. We will be encouraging buying locally, supporting local farmers and producers, supporting your local economy, supporting local businesses and getting your hands dirty in the process of gardening and providing food materials for yourself and your family. Each episode will focus on a different aspect of our local food industry. This will include do-it- yourself gardening, backyard poultry, cooking and baking instructional videos, virtual on-farm tours, virtual butcher shop tours, harvesting and canning instructional videos and more.
We hope you’re ready to get Back to Basics!
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