2023 Berry Plant Sale

In an on-going effort to promote the establishment of pollinator habitat, the Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District (MSWCD) is again offering various berry plants for sale. Proceeds from the sale benefit the college internship scholarship program.

The plants for sale have been selected for their attraction to pollinators, so please be advised that bees will be attracted to these same plants. All the plants are deer resistant, meaning that they are not the first plants the deer will clean off your property. The berries are all hardy, easy to grow canes that come from nurseries in Michigan and Massachusetts, so they will be winter-hardy to our area. Berries bloom very early, offering pollinators food sources before many other plants bloom.

Orders are being taken for a limited number of plants on a first come-first serve basis. Orders will be taken until May 9th or until the plants are sold out. Order forms are available at the office, in this newsletter, or on-line at www.muskingumswcd.org. Payment must be submitted with the order. Orders may be placed at the MSWCD office or mailed to 225 Underwood Street, Suite 100, Zanesville, Ohio 43701. Order can also be placed on-line. There is a 4% service fee for credit card orders.

Projected delivery to our office is mid-May. We will notify you by postcard or email when the plants can be picked up. You must pick up your plants on the specified date because we do not have a place to keep the plants. The plants are small (2-4” pots). There are no refunds or exchanges and we reserve the right to make substitutions. All sales are final. Berries are sold in bundles of three of one type of plant.

Blackberries, Chester ($20.51 for 3 plants) A trailing, thornless Blackberry. The fruit is medium in size and quality is firm. Do not plant near black raspberries.

Red Raspberries, Caroline ($13.99 for 3 plants) Large size fruit that are firm and said to be the tastiest of the Raspberry cultivars. Fruit matures in August. Do not plant near black raspberries.

Blueberries, Sweetheart ($16.78 for 3 plants) This plant will grow 5-6 feet tall. Fruit is medium to med.-large and bears very early in the season. Bears fruit in two to three years.

Blueberries, Draper ($16.78 for 3 plants) This plant will grow 5 feet tall. Fruit ripen mid-late in season. Fruit size is medium size. Bears fruit in two to three years.

Elderberries - $12.12 for 3 plants (one Bob Gordon, one Ranch, and one Adams) Research shows cross-pollination is required, so having more than one cultivator will result in better pollination.

  • Bob Gordon These plants are productive with a sweeter and larger berry than other varieties. They appear to have some resistance to the Japanese beetle.
  • Ranch- These plants are shorter and easily harvested. They grow in most soil types.
  • Adams- The Adams elderberry is very large and ripens late in the season.

Berry Plant Sale Order Form

We're sorry but online ordering has ended for this year. Online ordering will resume next year in March.

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