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Everything from the ground up starts with soil. We eat food grown in it. We build things on it and build things out of what grows in it. We also eat animals that eat plants that grow in it. Without soil we could not survive. If you want to know more about soil in general, or more specific to your place, try out the link to Web Soil Survey. It is a web based application that has a map where you can actually draw in your property and receive information specific to it.
If you are more old school like me, check out the 1996 Soil Survey of Muskingum County. Part 1 has the write-ups of each of the soil types found in Muskingum County and Part 2 has the corresponding tables full of information. For a more historical perspective check out the 1930 Soil Survey of Muskingum County.
If you really like soils and would like to look at something outside of Muskingum County there are options for that also. Web Soil Survey covers all of the United States. There are also two links that will get you to either all of the soil surveys that are available in Ohio or Nationally.
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Muskingum Soil And Water Conservation District Soil Surveys

Environmental Conservation Organization

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