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Technical Service Providers: This is a list of local companies and individuals who provide assistance for hire to woodland owners. MSWCD does not endorse or recommend any companies. This list was prepared to include all contractors who have worked in Muskingum County or who have requested to be on the list. It is meant only TO BE A SOURCE OF INFORMATION.
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Invasives Species

Invasive species are any species that are nonnative to a particular area and spread rapidly displacing native species. These plants have not evolved with the natives species which means that they have no natural predators nor has our wildlife evolved to utilize them. These species typically also have little to no timber value.

This means that over time as invasive species out compete native species you end up with a reduction in timber and wildlife value of the property. The following are resources you can use to identify and report invasive species that you find throughout the area.

Reporting Invasive Species

Woodland Owners

This is a list of links that provides a variety of informational topics related to forestry and wildlife management. The sites provide a wealth of knowledge that can be referenced if you have questions.


Tax Reduction Programs

There are two tax reduction programs that provide tax benefits to owners of forested acreage. Each program requires different activities. Typically CAUV gives a better tax reduction value in Eastern Ohio with our poorer quality soils but always good to check.


Timber Harvesting

Some resources that provide information regarding to timber harvesting. Using these resources can ensure that you are fairly paid for your timber and that the land is left in good fashion once the logging operation is finished.



Wildlife is one of the primary reasons for forested acreage ownership. This has become big business throughout Ohio, and can have a huge impact of the health of the forest. These provide excellent resources to manage properties for particular species.


Woodland Management

Link and resources related directly to managing woodland. These provide a wide base of information on many different things. Many of these are duplicates from other categories.


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