Big Tree Contest

For a number of years now, the MSWCD has sponsored a Big Tree Contest in Muskingum County. The purpose of the contest, in addition to locating, measuring and documenting our county’s big trees, is to provide an opportunity to remind us of the importance of trees and their role in our quality of life.

Trees nominated for this contest may be on your own property, or on other privately owned or public land in Muskingum County. Trees are scored using a format utilized by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Division of Forestry in determining Ohio’s big trees, many of which remain National Big Tree Champions. The tree’s height, average crown spread, and Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) are factored in this measurement, earning specific points or values.

When you nominate a tree, we ask that you approximate these dimensions. SWCD staff will measure each nominated tree for points. Also, it is very important to be specific as to the location of the nominated tree. It is equally important that the nominator or owner be available for the measurement by the staff during the field visit.

An award will be presented to the owner of the largest tree in Muskingum County, regardless of species. A custom made plaque and recognition in the District Newsletter will be awarded to the owners of the “Big Tree 2022”.

Last year, a Red Oak owned by Wilbur and Betty Rambo, scored 292.75 points. This points total was calculated by adding the circumference in inches (169 inches or 4.48 feet in diameter), the height (115 feet) and the crown spread average times .25 (35 ft x .25).

Each tree entered is in the contest for two years. Previous big tree winners can enter again, but a different tree must be submitted for consideration.

If you would like to submit a tree for consideration, complete the online form below or you can download and print the form and submit by mail or drop off at our office. Entries must be submitted by Friday, May 27, 2022.

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