Congratualations To Our 2022 Volunteer Summer Intern And Conservation School Scholarship Recipients! The Conservation School Scholarships were made possible through a grant from the Straker Foundation.

Volunteer Summer Intern Scholarships Awarded

Dylan McNabb Summer Intern

Dylan McNabb, Volunteer Summer Intern, was awarded his intern scholarship during the August 2022 Board meeting. Dylan’s assistance in the Rural Services Building Native Pollinator Garden was instrumental in getting the garden to completion. Dylan also worked in the community gardens and was able to experience various aspects of the soil and water field. After his internship, Dylan accepted the position of Seasonal Part-Time Garden Coordinator, and continued his work in the Zanesville Community School Garden. He is a sophomore at Zane State College, studying wildlife conservation. Pictured are Dylan and supervisor Becky Vansickle.

Jade Kimberlin Summer Intern

Our second Volunteer Summer Intern was Jade Kimberlin. Jade was also awarded her intern scholarship in August 2022. Jade has recently accepted the position of Seasonal Part-Time Garden Coordinator to help finish the gardening season. Jade is in her senior year of college, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Conservation.

Conservation School Scholarships Awarded

Avery Vasko Conservation School

Avery Vasko received the Conservation School Scholarship at the August 2022 Board meeting. Avery attends Mid East Career and Technology Center in the Large Animal Science field and will graduate in 2023. She enrolled in Conservation School to learn how the different paths of environmental science could impact the agricultural field. She enjoyed the visit to the Wilds. She was able to observe the large animal veterinarians apply their education to provide better care for the animals. The experience of conservation school gave her a wider view on how different environments affect the field of agriculture. Avery plans to attend college after graduation and become a large animal veterinarian. Pictured are Avery and supervisor, Becky Vansickle.

Quin McGee Conservation School

Quin McGee received the Conservation School Scholarship at the September 2022 Board meeting. She went into Conservation School because she was not quite sure what she wanted to do in college or a future career. However, she did know that she wanted to do something with environmental science or with natural resources regarding soil quality. Through conservation school, Quin was able to learn more about animal management from her visit to the Wilds. Quin’s experience with conservation school extended her interest and knowledge of the environmental sciences. Quin is a 2022 Maysville Graduate and is attending Arizona State University remotely. Pictured are Quin and supervisor, Becky Vansickle.

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